INCENTIVE TRIP: we invest in our community

Let us paint a picture for you. An immaculate stretch of white beach, with the clearest of seas lapping gently against the shore. A cocktail in hand as you relax outside of your brightly colour cabana, the sun beats down and soon a boat will arrive to whisk you off to discover the incredible nature of one of the world’s most incredible islands.

For 102 of RCH’s Italian distributors, this fantasy ideal will be a reality. They will enjoy a week in Madagascar – full of adventure and relaxation, sun, sea, sport and good food.

So what was our motivation in offering this reward? Well, firstly, we are incredibly proud and excited that it is our 50th birthday, and we wanted to do something grand to celebrate it. And really, what’s grander than an incredible trip to Madagascar!? We certainly know how to throw a birthday party in style!

We are deeply passionate about what we do, but what makes us stand out is that we are aware that business goes beyond providing good solutions such as cash registers. It’s also about values like family, dreams, good times with friends, health, community....It is this balance and recognition of the truly important things that allows us to form such strong connections with our clients, distributors and partners. We love technology, but we live for the human connection – and the market responds to this enthusiastically.

So with this philosophy in mind, it makes obvious sense to develop initiatives that truly reward loyalty and help us to get to know our business partners as real people, with passions, dreams and a desire for adventure. For us at RCH Italia, we view our network of distributors as a community, and we invest in that community, so that in turn, our community will remain invested in our vision.

So, here’s to a safe trip, and keep an eye out on Facebook to share in some of the amazing things we see whilst we’re out in Madagascar.