RCH introducing its powerful magnets

The Simpler, the Better!

Undoubtedly you’ve heard of the principle of Occam’s Razor. Simply put, it suggests that the simplest solution to a problem is the right one.

Occam’s Razor aims to pare down overblown, complex thinking that often makes tenuous links and bridges difficult gaps of logic. When you’re working on a problem – be it technological or other – it can often feel like you get to a point where you keep piling tweaks upon tweaks onto the product – solving the previous problem, but creating a new one. There’s often a niggling feeling that if you took it right back to the drawing board, there would be one simple, elegant solution that would solve all of your problems right from the start.

This is the thing about technological innovation. Undoubtedly, there are deeply complex processes and developments that sit at the heart of most technologies – RCH is no different. Complexity and sophistication of thinking are often unavoidable in the world of technology. But good technological design is about knowing when to deploy complexity, and when to deploy simplicity. What does the client need? And what is the most elegant, simple way to achieve it?

There are many reasons why elegant solutions are superior to those which are over-engineered. Over-engineering introduces more (metaphorical) ‘moving parts’ to the problem. This raises the risk of something going wrong at some point, and it raises costs.

At RCH, we’re incredibly mindful of this. We put all the complexity behind the screen, so that everything client-facing is streamlined, elegant and highly usable.

There is a number of different ways in which we’ve applied this process of simplification – but perhaps one of our most effective (and aesthetic!) is our use of… magnets.

Yep, magnets. In many ways, it doesn’t get much more simple. Yes, magnets contribute to some of the most fundamental processes on earth, from electric motors, to data storage, to the movement of the tides in the sea. But they are also the way that your three-year-old sticks things to the fridge. Significant, but simple.

Our application of magnets is just as straightforward – it allows for a ‘click and connect’ process of mounting system elements, hiding wires, and creating a seamless workspace that remains elegant, functional and clean. It also ensures that components are mounted firmly and securely, increasing the durability and safety of the product when mounted in high-usage, dynamic environments.

Our magnetic connections are facilitated using an element called Neodymium. Whilst it sounds like a substance that could defeat a superhero, in fact it’s a fundamental component in both hard disks and sound tech, precisely because of its exceptional magnetic qualities. Neodymium is an interesting substance with an incredible range of applications, and whilst it’s classed as a ‘rare-earth’ element (which sounds exciting), in reality there’s as much of it around as there is nickel, cobalt or copper. It makes perfect sense for what we’re trying to achieve with RCH products – and that goes back to the core of our philosophy: do things simply, but do them right, and with the best materials possible.

Ultimately, there’s perhaps no better way to explain how our simple magnetic solution fundamentally enhances our product than by showing you. This short little video demonstrates just how effective our latest solution is. Simple. Streamlined. Stylish. Elegant.