When we talk about postmodern society, one of the main features to consider is the following change of focus: while in the modern society the object of the analysts’ attention was production, now the focus has moved to consumption of goods that are mainly symbols. This means that while in the modern era products were characterised by their tangible features, that is their structure and purpose, nowadays they dematerialize and become symbols and signs of communication.
Where does this lead us to?

The focus has now shifted to which feelings stem from a purchase, to the value that each action has!

The product is more and more a service, an instrument to make everyday life easier: from this concept,the automation in the different ways to manage a cash desk is born.

RCH history speaks for itself , and identifies its Core Business in providing the best technologies to the point of sale, aiming at reaching the best efficiency. All without forgetting that technologies are born
to answer a need and simplify our lives.

Thus, a service has to answer a need to add value to a business.

Starting from the desire of making our customers’ lives easier giving them the perfect products and services, we made CASH DESK K2.
The slogan with which it was launched perfectly summarises its strong point: TIME FLIES, CASH DESK KEEPS UP WITH IT. THE PRACTICAL HELP TO SIMPLIFY AND SPEED UP PAYMENTS.

This is a product born to simplify one’s life! How?

You have a business with high flow peaks? In a specific time of the day your point of sale is not enough and you would need one or two more? CASH DESK K2 is the product for you!
It is completely autonomous, and will save you from the embarrassment of having your clients wait… Something very upsetting, because time is precious for everybody.

How does it work?

Through a software that can be set to adapt to your personal requests, the client will be able to get the receipt before the good is given to him, whatever product it is, from a coffee and a doughnut to the swimming pool subscription, to the entrance ticket of a museum, etc…

Inside this Kiosk there is the industrial printer PDESK, which emits a
fiscal receipt, a tool that guarantees maximum reliability

According to the type of product you deal with, you can choose which automatic cash desk is the most suitable for you:

  • CASH DESK K2 that manages cash payment (both paper and coin) and has the possibility to add also the POS option to manage the electronic payments
  • CASH DESK K2 SLIM that manages only electronic payments (PagoBANCOMAT, VISA/Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club, VISA Electron, Postepay, etc.)

The main difference between the two products is the payment modes managed, that causes also a difference in dimension: the CASH DESK K2 Slim, not having the cash dispenser mechanism can be slimmer and save space.

And the price?

Definitely surprising,considering the service offered and how much this product makes you save!

Ask for furtherdetails, the answer to your needs does not need to be invented, it already exists!