‘SMART’ is the way forward

Have they ever told you that you are Smart? Probably!

Smart is one of the buzzwords of the moment.

It’s also used a lot for objects. But when is a product described as Smart?

Smart is something that satisfies a need. If you think of Smart, one of the first things that comes to mind might be the car: simple, compact, small, but not only!

Smart is something imaginative, expansive, dynamic, connected, and fast, which manages to resolve a certain ‘problem’ in a few short steps.

RCH has added to the current list: Smart TV, Smart Phone, Smart City, Smart Communities, Smart banking, Smart Work (and we could go on into other sectors too, where the term Smart is overused), with its SMART ECR (electronic cash register). We have called it A|BOX. A|BOX is an all-in-one cash register, running Android OS, which has redefined the cash register as the centre of the point of sale. It has transported the ECR into the smart era.

Why? you might ask.

We thought we would
take a step ahead, creating a product capable of much more than just processing bills and receipts. We turned to a Smart solution. With the Android operating system, not only do you get a cash register, you get a complete service.

Think of the Smartphone: it was created to make calls, but also to make your life easier, becoming part of your daily routines, by downloading various APPS.

Now, just think what Apps might prove most useful for your business? A|BOX is an extra chance to turn a work tool into an active part of your life!

Careful research has also gone into the design, conceived according to the motto of the famous designer Dieter Rams “Less design is more design”: functional style with simple, essential and compact lines.

It’s a product made for any market. With SW ATOS inside ( Link pagina scheda prodotto SW ATOS), it can be customised with various additional modules to make ASSO suitable for any business, from restaurants, to clothes stores, patisseries, beauty centres, hardware stores, and more.

A|BOX represents a true change in the way we use the simple cash register, a true revolution that fuels evolution!