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News and Highlights

Atos 15 T18 December 2019

THE DOUBLE SOLUTION for a 16:9 core. ATOS 15 T – The space saver par excellence!

Atos 15 WALL18 December 2019

Atos 15 Wall The POS you can hang wherever you want!

RCH to Launch WALLE 8T POS23 October 2019

RCH Group, provider of advanced point of sale systems for the retail, food and beverage, and public administration…

Our Interlocutors

Here you ca find the areas of application of our cash registers

Point of Sale Solutions

RCH designs, produces and sells fiscal printers, fiscal and non fiscal cash registers, POS, hardware and software: all turnkey solutions for the overall management of a store.

Cash Registers

RCH Cash Registers are elegant and technologically advanced solutions to furnish a Point of Sale.


The RCH fiscal printers are designed according to the standards of reliability, performance and design.

Systems and POS

RCH Systems provide a secure and efficient management of the point of sale.

Software Solutions

RCH Software solutions represent the core of the products. They are conceived to accurately manage the point of sale.


Accessories are a completion for Cash Registers and Systems.

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RCH in the world RCH operates internationally through a network of Dealers and Technical Assistance Centres that not only guarantee sales, but also “on-site” technical support for all of its products.

Latest News

How to Avoid the ‘ivory tower’ Syndrome in Business

How to Avoid the ‘ivory tower’ Syndrome in Business

How to Avoid the "ivory tower" Syndrome in Business RCH CEO Stefano de Pra explores how technological changes are influencing the…

New Customer Display and NEODYMIUM magnet strength

New Customer Display and NEODYMIUM magnet strengthThe simplest solution to a problem is the right one

RCH introducing its powerful magnetsThe Simpler, the Better!

We will be celebrating 50 years

We will be celebrating 50 yearsof being proud of RCH and its team!

In fact, it was more than a dinner; it was a full blown gala. All of our valued workers, dressed in their finest, surrounded by family and friends as we sipped prosecco and gazed out across the vineyard. Our venue – Casa Gobbato – is well known to those in the area of Montello as a place of exquisite food, exemplary service and


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