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E-Till is a Cash Register with the ideal combination of high performances and small dimension.
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E-Till is a Cash Register with the ideal combination of high performances and small dimension.
The large, bright, integrated operator and customer displays offer a quick and easy readout for both operator and customer.
The fast printing speed, automatic cutter, large brightly lit display, programmable keyboard with 84 keys, reader with chip card and range of available serial interfaces, USB Host and Device, plus Ethernet make E-Till a product that satisfies the demands of many types of clients.

Detail E Till

This product can be used for the following sectors:



internal programmable, 84 keys

  • Operator: integrated, graphic LCD 192x64
  • Customer: integrated, alphanumeric pole LCD display, 1 row 16 characters

high resolution (8 dot/mm) graphic thermal printer, easy paper loading, automatic cutter.

Paper roll

configurable width: 57.5 mm +/- 0.5 mm; diameter 80 mm.

Printing speed

Printing speed: 120 mm/sec.


Electronic on RCH Multimedia Card


CPU NXP Arm9, 2 MB SRAM, 128 MB Nand Flash, 64 MB SDRAM

  • 3 RS 232 serial ports with RJ45 connector for PC, barcode reader , dot impact printer.
  • 1 RJ11 port per cash drawer, 12V
  • 1 USB Device (PC)
  • 1 USB Host (USB pen drive)
  • 1 Ethernet LAN 10/100M
Power Supply Internal power supply


  • Customizable Graphic Functions: 

    32 characters per print line, customizable store logo and greeting logo for till active display, end of bill logo with promotional message, double height selection, adjustable print intensity to suit paper, bar code printing

  • Departments and PLU: 
    • Up to 50 departments, programmable LALO-HALO, descriptions of up to 20 characters.
    • Up to 30,000 PLUs with numeric code (EAN/UPCA) and 20-character description
  • Reports : 

    Electronic journal report, print or view on PC; fiscal memory report, print or view and print, with full report, report between dates, between receipts, between dates with total; electronic journal report with full report, report between dates, report between receipts by date; Daily reports and period reports by department, VAT rate, PLU, hourly time bands.

  • Clerks Management: 

    Up to 10 with log in/log out.

  • Other Features: 
    • E.C., Void item, Void receipt, Refund;
    • Deposit (R/A), Withdrawal (P/O), Float, Open drawer, Percentage discount, Discounts and Add-ons;
    • 10 closing totals, VAT management (6 rates + 1 exempt);
    • Credit note (negative receipt) management;
    • Receipt/Invoice printing on roll or external printer;
    • Internal Customer archive
    • Upgrade and programming through USB key
    • Download sales data to PC
    • Macro direct on keys
    • Talking bill for recording a fiscal code or VAT number, change calculation, user friendly online help, recall of last total, scrolling message, customer message, happy receipt.
  • Connections to PC: 
    • RCH protocol
    • Xon-Xoff protocol
    • UPOS standard


  • Print!: Thermal printer for orders and bill printing
  • SCANNER RA 2001: Wireless laser scanner


Cash Register E-Till
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